List of market research services that operate in more than one country.

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BDI Research, formerly Block de Ideas, is a an experienced and resourceful team of multi-lingual international market research professionals, supporting qualitative and quantitative studies across Spain and worldwide.

BMR is a full service market research agency based in Istanbul, Turkey specialized in various sectors and methods. It is established by professionals with extensive experience in market research. The main concept of BMR is to provide high quality…

We are an international company of psychological market researchers & consultants with a passion for investigating the everyday lives of consumers and developing successful strategies for brands and products. Our integrated approach takes a…

Based in Berlin, Germany, Dalia develops technologies to access consumers for market and opinion research studies in over 90 countries worldwide. With a team of highly experienced engineers, data scientists, researchers and product managers from…

DataDiggers is a fieldwork expert who offers proprietary online panels, various data collection solutions and flawless supporting services to market researchers across the globe. (more…)