List of market research companies and organisations who provide qualitative research consultancy and moderatorship.

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comperis is a women-owned full-service market research agency located in Germany. Our services comprise flexible and tailor-made solutions in the areas Market Intelligence and Business Development, ranging from full-service to moderation only. In…

Range of Services Analysis of markets, products, images and brands Strategic brand and image analyses Qualitative advertising testings (concepts, print, TV, IPTV, online) Website Testing (with Morae Software) Methods Psychological in-depth…

consumerone is a small, flexible, and passionate qualitative research agency with an interdisciplinary team of senior researchers across a comprehensive range of product and service segments. We are experts in international qualitative research and…

Eedo is an independent Market Research company with a base in Sweden Gothenburg, and an office in Münich, Germany.

Fuhrer & Hotz is an independent company run by the two owners. The enterprise is specialised especially in market research, in consultancy, in networking and in publishing. (more…)