If you are looking for research services in Turkey, we can help. Highly-skilled professionals, executive coordinators and strong experience in multi-country projects make 7P THINK TANK GROUP preferred supplier both for national and international clients.

7P THINK TANK GROUP is a full service research company that conducts Qualitative and Quantitative consumer and advertising research, as well as marketing strategy modelling and consulting.

7P THINK TANK GROUP is relentlessly curious and inventive in modelling tailored solutions to optimize client profitability.

  • Understands the underlying values in the heart and mind of the consumer to shape the future of consumption dynamics.
  • Focuses on knowledge, not raw data.
  • Presents findings in a marketing framework to pave the way for strategic thinking.
  • Is solution and strategy-oriented in sharing its findings.

7P THINK TANK GROUP takes pride in constantly renewing itself and its research models by developing new models and using the latest technology available.

Our goal is to become a business solution partner of our clients, fully understand their needs and priorities to add value to their business and offer unique solutions to their problems.

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