Aksoy Research is a professional research company established in 2006 with the initial focus of conducting market and opinion researches within economic and social fields at the national level. Since incorporation, the company has been offering professional research services in all 81 provinces of Turkey. After serving successfully at national level for many years, Aksoy Research got into international markets and cooperated with companies in Europe, America and Asia.

From the very moment of choosing Aksoy, you start building a “seamless” experience throughout the whole range spanning from the initial phase of probing the matter right down the line to the ultimate phase where you get the finished product. The “creativity” demonstrated in field services as well as “straightforwardness” and “simplicity” in our relationships represent our noticeable assets. Aksoy supervisors will devise each project hand in hand with you and generate viable solutions. For many customers, working with Aksoy has soon turned to a perennial fruitful cooperation. Founding these relationships consistently on care, respect and trust goes much beyond what is typically called “doing business” for us. Our objective is to be a “research partner” that will accompany customers whenever they need a Market and Opinion Research. Each stage of the project is transparent and visible to the customer.

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