ASKi offers a wide range of high quality qualitative and creative research and representative quantitative research based on an experience of over 50 years and constantly adjusted to actual requirements.

ASKi has developed an analysis system including standardisation measures in qualitative research and tailor-made to specific problems e.g.:

  • brand analysis system (BAST)
  • fragrance analysis system (FAST)
  • creative analysis system (CAST)
  • media analysis system (MASK)
  • TV-spot analysis system (TASK)

ASKi runs CATI/CAPI/CAWI all over the country.

ASKi covers all fields of consumer, business, industrial and trade research – nationally as well as internationally.

ASKi is highly experienced in co-ordinating international studies all over Europe – including the Eastern sector – and overseas too.

ASKi (Ask International Market Research Gmbh) is based in .


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