Barend is a Research Company in Iraq, mainly focuses on the field work. Barend started its journey to work in Iraqi market in 2014. Now we are able to manage projects and work in all the cities of Iraq as we have a good working team all over the country from supervisors to field workers. In 2017, we were able to conduct about 47 projects in the country. And we have done more than 200 projects and research activities in Iraq since 2014.

It is worth mentioning that all the company staff and working team are experts in the research sector as they have previous experience in this field. The working team represent the well trained individuals who have knowledge and experiences acquired from a long journey of working in the research sector. Although, the access to the data and information resources is restricted in the whole Middle East and Iraq, we aim to enrich our customers by providing them with the valid direction, guidance and research. We can say that we have all the means to direct our customers to right path and guide them to great success.

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Minara City, No: 62, Erbil, Iraq

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