Brennan Group is a professional Romanian market research agency located in Bucharest.

The company offers in Romania market & marketing research services from 2001.

Over 2500 projects have been completed so far for different types of clients throughout many industries and leading companies.

The agency covers a wide range of knowledge and capabilities in various researches: product market analysis; new product testing/launch; market share; market segmentation; customer satisfaction; consumer tracking; brand image / equity; pricing research; map values; loyalty & retention; mind share; mystery shopping; advertising research; sales analysis; B2B (business to business) research, etc.

In order to perform these studies, we combine qualitative methods (focus-groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographic research, etc.) and quantitative ones (sample based investigations, consumer/firm panels or census, etc.).

We encourage mix of methodologies which can extend consumers’ knowledge to business insights. We are committed to both zoom projects, with traditional and sophisticated qualitative approaches and recurrent consumer tracking (quantitative investigations).

Since 2001, Brennan Group has provided world class marketing researches to a wide variety of organisations. We follow the same philosophy for each business challenge:

  • Customised designs & credible studies for both managers and frontline employees;
  • Valuable data, both for measuring marketing research metrics, but also as a foundation for improvement;
  • Delivering managers at each level of the organisation through the most useful reports & recommendations.

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