C23 Research, formerly Castello Veintitres S.L., provides high-quality market research services to national and international clients for both qualitative and quantitative projects. We maintain a team of bilingual project team that works closely with our clients to assure that projects run smoothly and provide reliable results.

Qualitative Services

  • One of the best facilities in downtown Madrid and now with new facilities in Barcelona: viewing rooms with one-way mirrors and viewing capacity for up to 15 individuals, simultaneous translation with FocusVision videoconferencing or video streaming or our own online viewing service.
  • Reliable and transparent, in-house recruitment for any sector, social class or hard-to-reach targets.
  • Interpreters with an extensive background in market research.
  • Smart, flexible moderators with broad experience and specialisation in different sectors.

Quantitative Services

  • Nationwide network of experienced interviewers and mystery shoppers for all types of projects and data collection methods (personal, telephone, hall-tests, street-intercept, online, etc.).
  • Variety of data output options: completed questionnaires, coding, data files, tables and reporting.

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