We are an international company of psychological market researchers & consultants with a passion for investigating the everyday lives of consumers and developing successful strategies for brands and products. Our integrated approach takes a holistic view of qualitative, quantitative and consulting.

Our worldwide network with offices in Cologne, Berlin, London, Beijing and Los Angeles as well as researchers and consultants in further 40 countries means we have the expertise to offer you research and consulting solutions tailored to your request. At the same time, our tools fit perfectly into your corporate processes. With our integrated research (indepth psychology, quantitative, consulting) we cover the whole thematic spectrum of strategic and operational marketing.

Our method: Morphology is the most modern complete in-depth psychology. In addition to capturing factors close to the conscious mind, it also grasps the unconscious factors of consumer behaviour. In the tradition of Freudian motivation research and Jungian archetypes, compatible in many basic principles with more recent neuropsychology and semiotic approaches, morphological market psychology has developed a multitude of data collection and analysis tools which are suitable for practical use. Morphology allows a unique transfer of depth psychology to the topics of everyday, cultural and market psychology. As a result, morphological market research produces unique new perspectives and exceptionally profound insights on concrete marketing issues.

The linking of qualitative research, quantitative research and consulting is inherent in morphology from the start.

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