FACTUM GROUP UKRAINE is a leading high quality and professional research provider for all types of market and social studies, possesses know-how, up-to-date IT&T solutions, technologies and means, as well as field networks and all necessary premises for various data collection methods included F2F, CATI, CAPI, CAWI, on-line panels, FGD, IDI, mystery shopping, observations, tests.

Starting as spin-off of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology, over time the group has become the largest local research holding in Ukraine, which now joins specialised agencies:

  • Factum Group Ukraine (full-service research agency; central entity of the group)
  • Marketing Institute (methodology and customised solutions)
  • Opinion (media audience and online consumer research)
  • AdvertTrack (online ad monitoring systems)
  • AdOpinion (online advertising effectiveness measurements)
  • Factum Data (fieldwork – F2F, CATI, CLT, FGD & IDI recruitment)

More than 20 years of experience in research field. Founding partner of CEE network Factum Group (registered in Prague, Czech Republic).

Factum Group Ukraine is based in .


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