GMS is a market research firm based on the long-term experience of its founders. Helmut Jung, previous ESOMAR President with an international research (GfK, WPP, INRA) and Gerda Jung with a thorough consulting background guarantee that GMS does not only provide correctly collected and examined data, but also offers:

  • technical competence and knowledge in specific markets
  • a profound expertise in research techniques and methods
  • consulting competence in planning, implementing and assessing surveys and projects.

We are active in broad areas of market and social research. We offer the full range of qualitative and quantitative research with a special expertise in:

  • Advertising and communication research
  • Financial services
  • Information and Communication
  • Telecommunication
  • Travel and Transport.

Apart from general public and consumer surveys as well as specialized investigations in the B-t-B area GMS offers both tailor-made concepts and standardized special services in the area of political and social research for governments, parties and media.

GMS Dr. Jung GmbH is based in .


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Schippelsweg 63f, 22455 Hamburg, Germany

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