Intelligence is a full service market & consumers’ behavior research company based in Serbia. Our expertise lies in conducting all types of Qualitative and Quantitative methodology using different types of data collection techniques.

We cover different sectors, including: Oil industry, FMCG, Tobacco industry, Pharmacy, Finance & banking, IT & telecommunications, Tourism, Media & entertainment, Logistic & transportation, Fashion & beauty industry, NGO, HoReCa sector, Law and private property protection, Advertising & PR, sport, Culture, Education, Real Estate, Pets, etc.

Our vision is corporate world that has a clear picture of the people’s preferences, motives and needs.

Our mission: We exist so that we could, for the benefit of our clients, discover facts about the market, using the latest research methods. Orientation toward constant improvement and maximum dedication is not our duty only, it is passion of our employees as well. We want results of our work to be the key element for our clients’ success and development.

Intelligence d.o.o. parole is ReSearch, Find&Win.

We love to research. We have energy, knowledge and experience.

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