JL market research is an independent market research agency in China who devotes to providing best service to our customers. We primarily provide recruitment and fieldwork services for both quantitative and qualitative research in multiple markets.

The Asian markets are on top of our priorities for fieldwork, especially China, followed by Taiwan(China), Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia.

We provide sampling services in multiple industry sectors, especially in medical/health and bio specialty which are our top priorities. We also provide marketing research services for other industries e.g., consumer goods, B2B studies.

We have extremely flexible service model, which means we can provide recruitment-only service, fieldwork-only service as well as full-service according to client’s needs, whatever methodologies the study is in, e.g., online and offline, quantitative or qualitative.

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Floor 3, Block 4, #356 Haiyi Road, Situan Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China

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