Kuo Experience is an ad-hoc full service company. Kuo was created as an exciting project hoping to develop experiential research, that not only touches our mind but also connects us personally with our research, arriving to creative and efficient solutions.

It is based on the respect of classic market research, but with a new perspective, merging new methods and technologies together: a “fresh look”. In this sense, “hybrid” studies are an essential piece: we use qualitative and quantitative, trends, combined on-off techniques.

The team has “more than 200 years” of knowhow and enthusiasm distributed between old and young; between different attitudes, experiences and backgrounds; this mixture makes us a balanced, harmonic and active team bringing together the best of the plurality.

The Kuo team has vast experience in the following sectors: Cosmetics and personal care products, Food and Beverage, Telecommunications, Energy, Banking, Automotive, Leisure, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural, Luxury products, Sociological studies, etc.

Our team has worked on a wide variety of studies, we can highlight the following: Creativity projects, Detection of insights and creation of new positioning, Concept and Product Tests, Packaging Tests, On-line Communities, Image Studies, Segmentation Studies, U&A, Purchasing process Research, Mystery shopping, Customer satisfaction Studies, Pre- and Post-Advertising test, Why©: Trends Observatory.

We have offices and own facilities in Madrid and Barcelona.

Kuo Experience is based in .


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