Liveloop is an online research software and professional services provider.

Liveloop Lab is our software platform for insight communities, online blogs and smartphone diaries, webcam interviews and online focus groups. Whether you are planning a quick-turn-around study with a few days field or a long-term international multi-wave project: Liveloop Lab is very versatile, easy to use and works around the globe – offering you the whole range of remote qualitative research methods in one solution.

Run a remote lab whenever you require insights, engage from a handful to several hundred users and work with them in the most suitable mode for your project: Online, mobile or app. Spark meaningful conversations and in-depth discussions, collect rich multimedia input, mix quant and qual. Intelligent workflows, a wide range of methodological tools and smart project management features makes conducting your digital qual project fast, convenient and efficient.

Liveloop is based in Cologne, a German insight industry hub. Since 2013 we are working for leading international brands, consultancies and agencies. Liveloop Lab delivers insights from around the world: Available in 20+ languages, the software platform has been used by participants in more than 35 countries and on all 7 continents so far.

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