Today MDM Ukraine has a lot to be proud of: the company has big turnovers; business with leading world brands. Highly skilled employees, who got education and have work experience in Europe and USA, work in Medical Data Management. About 300 personnel cooperate with MDM in Kyiv and regions.

MDM offers different projects, directed to increase efficiency of field force activity (unique methodology which is difficult to reproduce without serious examination and enormous experience).

Today MDM is actively concentrating not only on decision making support in terms of information and technologies but also offers promotion services, including sales force outsourcing, as well as marketing.
The list of MDM clients and business-partners includes: Nestle, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Aventis, Berlin-Chemie, MSD, Nycomed, Bayer, Arterium, AstraZeneca and other no less known companies and corporations.

Today MDM syndicate database supports more than 1 500 users and maintains about 165 000 records with information about health care professionals.

According to Ukrainian Association of Marketing (UAM), in 2010 MDM was named as one of the TOP-10 leading marketing agencies of Ukraine and the irrevocable leader in the area of marketing researches for pharmaceutical market.

According to results of expert poll conducted by UAM, MDM has the highest reputation providing quality of performed services, and is leading in the “price-quality ratio” category.

Medical Data Management (MDM) is based in .


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