MSW Research: Assessing Advertising ~ Building Brands in 56 countries world-wide.

MSW is committed to helping advertisers grow their brands by providing a thorough understanding of how their advertising affects marketplace performance. MSW’s Communications Research Continuum, an integrated suite of research tools, addresses each stage of advertising development: Strategy, Screening, Refinement, Evaluation and Tracking, has two definitive advantages: metrics are comparable across stages and are sales validated. Advertisers are thus able to evaluate and diagnose communication elements at every stage and make informed decisions about likely marketplace effect.

MSW believes that all marketing activity is designed to increase consumer commitment to the advertised brand. We are the only research company to apply Customer Commitment Persuasion, a system that simultaneously measures alternative brand marketing strategies: Increasing user frequency, Building Loyalty, Switching competitive brand users, and Growing the category.

MSW’s advertising research systems are designed for adults, children and parent child interactions.

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