nPeople is going to be your FULL-SERVICE MARKET RESEARCH, DATA & DIGITAL ANALYTICS partner for ES, PT and LATAM!

We, at nPeople, conduct market research, data and digital analytics projects focused on insights and innovation discovery: both qualitative and quantitative approaches, including CAWI, digital behaviour data, audiences, ad tracking, digital or onsite focus groups, etc. Do not forget to ask us about our own methodologies around ad tracking: AdGoal and 360 digital journey and consumption: DigitalStream

Among our clients we are happy to release innovation through research and analysis to Pure players, as Google, Twitter, MyTaxi, Leisure and Sports, as RealMadrid, Muchoviaje, FMCG and Retail as P&G, L´Oreal, Lidl, Eroski, Agencies such as Zenith, YMedia, Carat, Media including Schibsted, CondeNast, LaRazon and Organisation and Business Research Consulting as IAB Spain, Adigital, Netquest, Infoadex,

ESOMAR, IAB, Adigital, AEDEMO and Ametic-CEOE active members. We are also Research partners for IAB Spain, currently developing national industry research projects for Online Audio, Mobile and Content and Native, Adigital and Ametic. At Ametic-CEOE, we are also working as VP of Digital Content and Services Area by our CEO, together Google.

Spin off from Nielsen Online directors board, we keep all the expertise from a multinational consultancy but with higher caring standards and affordable pricing and fluent in English, just get in contact with us!

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