Sever Impeks, founded in 1980 by Dr. Leyla Sever – one of the first qualitative research specialists in Turkey – is an independent market research company highly specialised in qualitative research:

  • Utilises a pool of expertise in a range of diverse disciplines/skills.
  • Individually tailors all projects to client’s requirements.
  • Ensures high-level executive involvement at every stage of all projects.
  • Values good communication and close working relationships with the client.
  • Delivers timely actionable recommendations and relevant consumer insights.
  • No compromise in quality and international standards.
  • Ensures high degree of confidentiality.
  • Client portfolio comprises mainly international companies with continuous business relations.
  • Also works jointly with international research agencies for global/cross cultural projects.

Sever Impeks has adopted a humanistic-holistic approach for deeper consumer understanding, employing projective techniques with skill and experience; for this end, Dr. Leyla Sever has pioneered the application of psychodrama techniques in qualitative research in Turkey.

Sever İmpeks Marketing Research & Consultancy is based in .


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Sever Impeks Ltd. Şti., Aytar Cad., Ayyıldız İşhanı, No: 4, 34340, Levent, İstanbul, Turkey

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