SIS International Research is a global market research and market intelligence company. We provide Qualitative Fieldwork, Quantitative Data Collection, and Strategy Research in the UK, Europe, the US, the Americas and Asia. Our Europe, Middle East and Africa unit is based in our London Office.

SIS International Research is a full-service global market research firm offering qualitative fieldwork, quantitative data collection, strategic research, desk research and market intelligence solutions. Headquartered in New York City, the company has offices worldwide, and provides custom research services and methods.

Our global research services include opinion and perception insights, segmentation, satisfaction and loyalty research, behavior usage & attitude, data collection, branding, industry analysis, competitive analysis, pricing research, usability testing, stakeholder audits and market entry/sizing.

SIS has served over 50 industries, with core offerings in Consumer, Business to Business research (B2B), Industrial, Automotive, Energy, Healthcare, Information Technology, Travel, Retail, Advertising research, Financial Services, Automotive, Food, Cosmetic and other industries.

Other specialties include advertising, positioning, packaging, emerging markets, ethnic, product, event, key opinion leader, industrial, IT and strategic research. Our methods include focus groups, ethnography, home visits, online surveys, mall intercepts, bulletin boards, online communities, CATI telephone, CAPI, car clinics, in-depth interviews, central-location testing, mystery shopping, secondary research, social media, analytics and more.

SIS provides research facilities for focus groups, concept, food testing, retail and mall intercepts in cities such as New York and Shanghai.

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