Solvero is a fieldwork company with a wide range of products. We are specialised in interviewing people as well as to handle panels and communities. We offer online presentation of your data as well.

Together we have many years of experience to help our customers to find the right solutions. Our business is imbued with quality, flexibility and innovation that we know are ingredients that are required to optimize solutions to suit each unique survey.

Solvero conduct all types of surveys in market, social and opinion research. We always try to be at the forefront of innovation and methodological development. We offer data collection through CATI, CAWI (we have own panels as well), F2F, focus groups, in-depth interviews and postal surveys. We are also hosting different access panels and communities.

In order to take correct decisions, it requires correct data. Our goal is that our customers feel confident with the material that forms the basis for further analysis and decisions to be made and taken.

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