Survey Sweden AB is a marketing research agency specialised in fieldwork. With a interviewer staff of over 500 high quality interviewers we conduct interviews throughout whole of Sweden quickly and of the very best grade. The office is located in Sundbyberg, outside Stockholm, from where the whole organisation is administrated. Here we also have a small, but efficient, call centre from where we conduct recruitments for in-depth interviews and focus groups.

Survey Sweden AB is established in 1996 and has always been independent and standing by itself. Survey Sweden offers you the following services throughout the whole of Sweden:

  • F2F interviews in home
  • F2F interviews in street
  • F2F interviews in hall
  • Interviews connected with exhibitions and events
  • Recruitment to focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Mystery shopping
  • Postal surveys and Web surveys.

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Box 1217, 172 24. Sundbyberg, Sweden

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