Ukrainian Marketing Project is a full service research company, utilising the following main methods: Face-to-face interviews, telephone/CATI interviews, focus groups, in-depth interviews, hall test, gang survey, mystery shoppers, expert interviews.

Main type of projects:

  • Continuous research
  • U&A studies
  • Quantitative, qualitative, comprehensive consumer research
  • Retail audit panel & Store checking
  • Products: alcohol drinks, baby foods, CSD, still and mineral water, juices, energy drinks, monthly & weekly periodical
  • On-line panel
  • B-to-B studies
  • Expert and elite pools
  • Mystery shopping

Mainly serves: banking operations, money transfer, FMCG categories.

Field operation covers all regions of Ukraine. Most of the 460 fieldworkers have research conduction experience from 2 years. The independent controller’s network monitors quality of interviewers’ work in all regions and all type of settlements.

Ukrainian Marketing Project is based in .


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Suvorova 19a, 1 01010, Kiev, Ukraine

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