Research, to a great extent, is a matter of methodology and methodology is the guide of the researcher. Methodology in research is recreating reality through abstraction. Therefore, research is an abstract and systematic process of producing information. Beginning in finding out the fact is always theoretical. A researcher examines the hypothesis that he claims with his theoretical experience and his choosing capacity in richness of concrete, thinks about the inconsistencies that come out and recreates the fact by abstracting it. In other words, he claims new theses and produces the new theoretical knowledge. In this respect, research is an exciting voyage along the boundaries of knowledge.

Our main goal as Yöntem Research is to be a solution partner whose stakeholders aspire to collaborate with and who walks hand in hand with them. In order to reach this goal;

  • We make decisions which increase the productivity of our human resources – our most precious asset – support their sustainable development to meet their career goals.
  • By merging our actual experience with the developments in technology and research, we stand by our clients with high quality and innovative research which contributes with added value, not only addressing the needs but also going beyond them.
  • We support our suppliers who are one the most important sources of our quality, by establishing a strong communication with them and by facilitating their tasks and supporting them to improve their abilities.

Yöntem Research is a “boutique” research company which provides research and consultancy services with amateur spirit, professional understanding and in an international level, meeting the conditions of Quality Management System and it is not a “research factory” 🙂

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