Market research companies and market research agencies in Europe.

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Established in 2005, our company continues the market research and public relations activities originally started by Novior Agency in 1992.

Aksoy Research is a professional research company established in 2006 with the initial focus of conducting market and opinion researches within economic and social fields at the national level. Since incorporation, the company has been offering…

Alfa enjoys the combination of a long-lived academic background and market research experience in finding ideal solutions/methods for the specific problems of her clients, and being a consultant in all stages of research and development, by adopting…

Amarillo Research & Consultancy is a specialist qualitative research agency operating in the domestic market as well as in Norway, Denmark and Finland. With a broad informal network of research- and marketing agencies world-wide, Amarillo is…

Amber is an independent and fast-growing, international marketing research company, boasting of a large multidisciplinary team with more than 18 years of experience.