Market research companies and market research agencies based in Sweden.

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QQFS (Qualitative and Quantitative Field Services) is a fieldwork agency in Gothenburg, Sweden, specialised in providing qualitative and quantitative fieldwork for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries across: The Nordics, Benelux, Austria,…

Solvero is a fieldwork company with a wide range of products. We are specialised in interviewing people as well as to handle panels and communities. We offer online presentation of your data as well.

Stelacon is a research and strategy company. Focusing on the IT/telecom market, we began observing, analysing and influencing the development of the IT society in 1984, all the way from the advent of personal computers, through the mobile telephony…

Survey Sweden AB is a marketing research agency specialised in fieldwork with over 500 interviewer staff conducting surveys all over Sweden.

We are Qualitative Research Specialists with viewing facility in Stockholm, Sweden; providing national and international full service projects.