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Institute for Market Research & Field Services

DT&P international Group – your quality provider in international fieldwork! Certified according to ISO 20252:2012, the quality standard for market opinion and social research covering all the locations of the company group. Specialist for…

Bilendi Services for Market Research help market researchers and advertising agencies to collect data by reaching and engaging even the most challenging targets in Europe.

Intelligence is a full service market & consumers’ behavior research company based in Serbia. Our expertise lies in conducting all types of Qualitative and Quantitative methodology using different types of data collection techniques.

Perspektiv Undersökningar has 12 years’ experience of conducting qualitative surveys. We identify and analyze the attitudes, values and action of people. Our clients get a deep insight about its customers, members or co-workers way of acting…

Inizio was founded in 2003 by a small group of leading market research consultants. with a vision to transforming data into business advantage.

FACTUM GROUP UKRAINE is a leading high quality and professional research provider for all types of market and social studies, possesses know-how, up-to-date IT&T solutions, technologies and means, as well as field networks and all necessary…

Remind Research has been founded on 2009 and has gathered all the services, that may be needed by a research company, under a single roof. (more…)