UAM (Ukrainian Association of Marketing) LogoUkrainian Marketing Association is a national professional membership organisation established as NGO and presenting more than 1000 marketers and 120 marketing organisations from all around Ukraine.

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GfK is the trusted source of relevant market and consumer information that enables its clients to make smarter decisions. (more…)

KIIS [Kiev International Institute of Sociology] is the oldest private research company in Ukraine, one of the market leaders today. (more…)

Today MDM Ukraine has a lot to be proud of: the company has big turnovers; business with leading world brands. Highly skilled employees, who got education and have work experience in Europe and USA, work in Medical Data Management. About 300…

FACTUM GROUP UKRAINE is a leading high quality and professional research provider for all types of market and social studies, possesses know-how, up-to-date IT&T solutions, technologies and means, as well as field networks and all necessary…

Ukrainian Marketing Project is a full service research company, utilising the following main methods: Face-to-face interviews, telephone/CATI interviews, focus groups, in-depth interviews, hall test, gang survey, mystery shoppers, expert interviews.…